Dolan's Cadillac


Based on one of Stephen Kingís most intense short stories, Dolanís Cadillac is a suspense thriller in the vein of The Dead Zone and The Secret Window.

Tom Robinson is a peaceful, law-abiding school teacher. When his bride Elizabeth accidentally witnesses a murder, he finds himself on a road straight to hell. The killer is James Dolan, Las Vega's most ruthless and untouchable mob boss. Elizabeth agrees to testify against him and soon we find out just why Dolan has remained untouched. Anyone who dares to go up against him faces deadly consequences. In Elizabethís case, it's a bomb strapped to the bottom of a car.

Devastated by her death, Robinson tries all the legal channels at his disposal to bring Dolan to justice. But without hard evidence, Dolan remains free, able to run his empire seemingly untouchable. Frustrated and alone, Robinson begins to receive "visits" from his dead wife urging him to seek revenge. Is Elizabeth really reaching beyond the grave, or has he begun his slow decent into insanity? Robinson continues to hear the voices and is driven to construct his own plan -- an elaborate and perilous one-in-a-million shot.

Joining a dangerous road construction crew of ex-convicts, he battles the heat and dangers of the Nevada desert working by day, and at night trying to infiltrate Dolan's underworld. Haunted by the ghost of wife, Robinson transforms himself into an obsessed vengeance machine, pushing himself beyond the breaking point of mind, body and spirit. 

When the two men finally meet deep in the heart of the desert, Dolan's Cadillac climaxes with an amazing test of wills - the ultimate duel in the sun. The Cadillac, which has been Dolan's armor, may likely become his tomb.

This is Vengeance, Stephen King Style.

Based on a Novella by:

Stephen King

A film by:

Jeff Beesley


Christian Slater Emmanuelle Vaugier Wes Bentley