a film by:

Karen Leigh Hopkins
  ("Stepmom," "Because I Said So,"
    "Welcome Home," "Roxy Carmichael")




Miss Meadows is a dark comedy about a substitute school teacher with impeccable manners and grace who has no idea just how beautiful and wickedly funny she is… because she is focused solely on her mission: to rid the community of predators and evil of all kinds with her well polished little gun inside her pocketbook. Her delicate beauty and simple moral code were borne in a tragic childhood where she witnessed a horrendous loss.

Miss Meadows arrives in a new town every year. This time, she finds what she was never was looking for... Love with a Sheriff. It turns out she’s exactly who this man of the law and his task force have been hunting for.

Miss Meadows never looks for trouble, but she certainly never turns away from it, either.

Miss Meadows believes everyone deserves a second chance, but never a third.

All men want her, all women want to be her, all children need her... She is a real hero in these most un-heroic times.

"What Would Miss Meadows Do?" More importantly, what would we do without her?